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The Top 5 Best Pressure Washers For Your Home – Compare Gas and Electric Models

Check out my list of the best pressure washers on the market. Find out which electric and gas models rate the highest among professionals and homeowners.
I have a large wood deck on the back of my house that is about 400 square feet plus a wooden walkway that wraps around part of my home. The deck is shaded by some nice large trees which makes it ideal to sit out there in the summer time in the shade. I’ve also got it wired up with speakers and lighting making it even more ideal for barbeques and outdoor parties throughout the year.
However, the problem with all the shade …

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Tips and Techniques for Power Washing Brick

Check out my handy guide on how to pressure wash brick. If you have a brick home, walkway, or wall that needs to be cleaned you need to make sure you do it right.
My home has beautiful wood siding but there are a number of homes in my neighborhood that are brick and they are gorgeous. Some brick homes truly look like castles. If you are lucky enough to be living in a brick home, then you want to keep it looking great and in top condition. You can of course hire a power washing company to take care of the maintenance for you, or you …

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AR Blue Clean AR118 Washer – Big Things Come in Small Packages

The AR Blue Clean AR118 Electric Pressure Washer is a powerful little machine that is easy to use, effective on tough dirt and affordable. Check out my review to learn more.
For those small to medium sized jobs around the house, the AR118 is perfect. Sometimes I don’t want to have to pull out my big gas powered machine just to clean my lawn furniture. That’s where the AR118 comes into play. It’s small enough to hang on a hook in my garage with all the parts fitting nicely into place. It can be assembled in just a couple of minutes. It’s electric so there’s …

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Picking the Best Wands for Your High PSI Cleaner

There are pressure washer wands for just about any cleaning job you can think of. With the right wand the job will be faster and easier. Find out what to look out for.
As with any job, having the right tool makes things go so much more smoothly. The same goes for power cleaning. There are many different tools and accessories you can buy that will make your cleaning job much easier. Whether you a looking at a huge dirty deck or a 4 story building, you can find a washer tool to help you get the job done quicker and more efficiently.

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The Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 Proves Electric Washers Are Not Weak

The Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 pressure washer is one of those rare electric washers that can be used for commercial applications. Find out what I like in my detailed review.
Generally the knock on high psi electric cleaning devices is that they don’t have enough power. Well at 2,000 PSI, the CP5211 refutes that idea. If you don’t like the noise and fumes from a gas powered machine but were afraid to give up the power by switching to an electric model, the CP5211 will make you think again. Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 is a heavy-duty unit for cleaning larger surface areas regularly. The power of this machine is …

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What I Learned About The Karcher K3.540 X-Series Scrubber

The Karcher K 3.540 X Series pressure washer is an electric powered model that offers 1,800 psi. It can handle most cleaning jobs around your home. Read more in my review.
If you’re looking for an inexpensive high pressure cleaner, under $200, that can handle most medium to light cleaning jobs around your home, then the Karcher K 3.540 X-Series is the model for you. With an electric model, like the Karcher washer, that pushes 1,800 psi (pounds per square inch) you’re not going to be able to clean really tough stains, and it will take longer to clean large decks than with a higher psi model. …

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A Thorough Evaluation of the NorthStar 2800 PSI Cleaner

The NorthStar 2800 PSI pressure washer is built strong and tough with a Honda engine that will tear away dirt and remove tough stains. Find out more in my review.
Industrial sized messes need an industrial sized cleaning device to mop them up. There are few machines on the market that have the raw power and versatility of a NorthStar 2800 PSI high intensity cleaning tool. Whether you want to maintain your deck or home siding or have a small business that tends to get messy, a power cleaner does more than a simple hose and bucket — it generates the amount of force you need to clean …

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My Guide to Finding the Highest Rated Pressure Cleaner Pumps

In this article I talk about how pressure washer pumps work, the types of pumps, and where you can shop for a replacement pump if you need one.
Power cleaner pumps are the main components in a hi psi washing system, and hence have to be chosen with care, and according to your unique requirements. You should certainly look at the type and quality of the pump on a washer before you buy it. You want something that is durable and is going to last for many years. The same goes if you need to replace a broken pump, which can be a lot cheaper than going out …

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What Are The Top Rated Gas Powered Washers? Find Out My Picks.

A gas pressure washer has enough power to take care of the toughest stains. Find out what you should look for before buying and which models I recommend.
I remember a few summers ago staring out of my back window at my old, dirty deck. There were stains all over it giving it a grey, aged look. I knew it was time to power clean it and get it looking like new again. I also had some old paint stains on my sidewalk that needed to be cleaned up. With the paint stains and a large deck I knew I needed a powerful gas pressure …

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What I Liked About the Generac 6022 And Why You Should Check It Out

The Generac 6022 pressure washer delivers excellent cleaning ability, ease of use, and an efficient design in an affordable package. Find out more in my detailed review.
Along with high quality performance and durability, I like my power equipment to look good and be comfortable to use. I know I try to be a tough guy but when I’m out power washing my deck and house for several hours, I don’t want my hands and back to be sore at the end. That’s why I like a comfortable grip on the nozzle and I like to have all of the controls and nozzle tips within easy reach. …

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Why Having the Right Kind of Soap For Your Washer Makes All the Difference

Pressure washer soap can really speed up your cleaning and help your power cleaner work even more efficiently. Find out how to use soap and which type to buy.
When you’re getting ready to power wash and you’re out on your dirty, moldy deck in the hot sun looking at the job ahead of you, you can’t help but think that there must be a better way to get this thing cleaned. Well, of course you can hire someone, but that’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. Besides you already have an awesome high pressure cleaning machine ready to go. One tip that I’ve …