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How Well Does The Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 Really Perform?

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The Campbell Hausefeld PW1825 electric pressure washer can handle many of the tough cleaning jobs at your home and produces more than enough power to remove tough grime.

When I first looked at the Campbell Hausfeld high intensity cleaning apparatus I was really surprised at how much power it puts out for an electric washer. It’s really perfect for most all of the cleaning jobs that you’ll have around the house including your garden tools and car. If you have a big deck that is heavily stained and power wash it a couple times a year, then you’ll need to upgrade to a more powerful gas powered machine, but for a smaller deck, home siding, and outdoor furniture, the PW1825 is perfect.

Also, since it’s electric you won’t have to worry about fuel emissions and the loud roar that you get from the engine of most gas washers. The Campbell Hausfeld also has an instant start and stop feature that turns the machine off or on instantly when you pull or release the trigger. This helps extend the life of the pump and conserves water and electricity. Here are some more things you should know about the PW1825.

How Much Power Can You Get Out of The Campbell Hausfeld PW 1825?

There are two major measures you need to look at when assessing pressure cleaner power. The first, pounds per square inch (psi) measures how much pressure a washer is able to generate. With higher pressure you get more force to remove dirt and grime from your deck and other things you may want to clean. The Campbell Hausfeld unit comes with 1,800 psi. This amount of pressure is ideal for cleaning patios, small decks, and home siding, as well as your car, lawn furniture, and garden tools. For really tough stains and big jobs like a very large deck you may want to go for a bit more power. However the PW1825 is ideal for most home uses and a really great buy in this psi range.

The other major measure of power is gallons per minute (gpm), which is how much water is flowing out of the wand of your washer. The greater the gpm for you machine, the faster and easier it is to clean an area. The Campbell Hausfeld washer has a 1.5 gpm which is good for models in its class and size level. You should be able to quickly clean the areas that you need to.

The last measure that you’ll see advertised on most pressure washers is cleaning units (cu), also sometimes called cleaning efficiency. This is simply psi multiplied by gpm and reflects the overall cleaning power of a washer. It’s a good way to compare power across different models and brands. The cu for the PW1825 is 2,700.

The PW1825 Has A Quiet and Efficient Electric Engine


Electric high intensity scrubbing appliances are great options for many different cleaning jobs and have become very popular with many homeowners over the last few years as technology has improved. Although they are still not as powerful overall as gas powered machines, they can still pack a powerful punch. The Campbell Hausfeld PW1825 has a 120 volt, 14 amp universal motor that produces zero emissions, no odor, and very low sound levels. Plus you won’t have all the maintenance issues that come with most gas powered machines because you don’t have to deal with spark plugs, oil changes, and tunes ups. You just plug in your Campbell Hausfeld and you are good to go, ready to start power washing.

The Spray Guns Get the Job Done

You get a well designed spray gun with the Campbell Hausfeld along with two attachments, an adjustable fan lance, and a turbo lance. The adjustable lance features a twist nozzle that you can turn to get a spray range from 0 to 60 degrees. This range allows you to use it for tougher stains that require a concentrated blast spray of 0 to 10 degrees, all the way up to 60 degrees which is ideal for spraying cleaning solution.

The turbo lance offers a concentrated blast but rotates the spray at an angle. The rotation helps to really dig in and clean out dirt and debris. It also speeds up cleaning because it covers a wider area. Many turbo lances can clean 3 times faster than standard nozzles. You should use some caution with this nozzle though as it could damage delicate surfaces. It’s best to use on your deck. For your car, you’ll need to opt for the adjustable lance, and not the turbo.

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